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Template Information

Template name: Monthly Mgmt Fees - Edit
Request type: CCD Collection
Company name/ID: Prestige Design/007619340
Template description: Collection
Credit account: *4511 - PRESTIGE OPERATING ACCOUNT
Maximum transfer amount: $5,000.00
Template action pending: Change - pending approval
Debit/Source Accounts:
  ABA/TRC Account Account Type Name Detail ID Default Amount
  666666668 *2834 Checking Appliance Center 903 $250.00
red 999999992 *8667 Checking Blinds R Us 900 $250.00
  555555550 *7543 Checking Carpentry Experts 904 $250.00
  777777776 *4678 Checking Color Wheel Paints 902 $250.00
  888888884 *3324 Checking Unique Tile 901 $250.00
          Total: $1,000.00
Approval History Information

Approval status: 1 of recieved
Action User ID Date Time
Approve Request Mark01