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Template Information

Template name: Metro Screen
Request type: IAT Payment
Company name/ID: Prestige Design / 007619340
Template description: Payement
Debit account: *4512 - PRESTIGE PAYROLL ACCOUNT
Destination country: Gernamy
Destination currency: Euro
Effective date:
Credit/Destination Accounts

IAT Payment

Payement amount: $2,599.00
Transaction type code: Annuity
Bank ID type: BIC
Bank ID: 122203950
Bank name: National Bank of Australia
Bank branch country code: Australia
Recipient company name: Metro Screen
Recipient account: 12345678
Recipient identification number: 87654321
Recipient street address: PO Box 299
Recipient city: Paddington
Recipient state/province: NSW
Recipient country: Australia
Recipient postal code: 2021
Payment initiator name: Parker's Box
Payment initiator street address: 193 Grand Street
Payment initiator city: Brooklyn
Payment initiator state: NY
Payment initiator country: USA
Payment initiator postal code: 11211
Additional information for recipient (optional):
Approval History Information

Approval status: 0 of 1 received - Ready to transmit
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