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People Pay

People Pay available at Lake City Bank

People Pay makes it easy, quick and convenient to pay people directly anytime—right from a smart phone or computer. People Pay works right from Lake City Bank’s Mobile Banking app or from Online Banking. With a few clicks, you can pay anyone via a text message or email.

Anyone who has a personal checking account* and is signed up for online banking can enroll in People Pay, where you can:

  • Pay people via phone number, email address, direct deposit or PayPal
  • Create, edit, and delete people from your contacts list
  • Receive and decline payments from others
  • View payment history and cancel unclaimed payments

How to Enroll in People Pay:

  • Sign in to online banking using the access account button at the top or bottom of this page
  • Click “Pay people” in the Pay and Transfer menu
  • Follow the instructions to enroll

There is no monthly service fee to use Lake City Bank Mobile Banking. However, you may incur data usage/text messaging charges from your wireless provider. Please check with your wireless provider for details regarding your specific wireless plan and any data usage/text messaging charges that may apply.

*Excludes Start Fresh Checking and Start Fresh Plus Checking accounts.

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