Treasury Management

Collection Tools


  • Send invoices or accept payments for your small business or side-gig job with Autobooks. In addition, you can track outstanding payments, and set up recurring payments. Other robust features such as job estimating, tracking products, running revenue reports are accessible when you upgrade to a subscription model. Learn More

ACH Services

  • Safely and efficiently move money through the Automated Clearing House (ACH)—same day origination available
  • Provides a safe, efficient method to move money without the expense of paper checks or wire transfers
  • Security and accuracy are guaranteed
  • Easily transmit through Lake City Bank Digital


  • Experience the time-saving advantages of intercepting and processing your daily receivables
  • We pick up all mail delivered to an assigned post office box
  • View deposited checks and remittance material online on the same day

Remote Deposit Service

  • Eliminate travel time to the bank and missed cutoffs at the branches by electronically scanning checks and making deposits online
  • Simple, user-friendly software allows you to quickly scan and correct deposits
  • Get same day ledger credit for deposits made by 7pm EST

Mobile Deposit

Drop in one of our branch locations or call our One Call Center at (844) 979-7164 for more information or to open an account.

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