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Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate Compounded Amount
(Hint: Enter the opening balance in the "Principal" box below to calculate what the compounded amount will be.)
Calculate Opening Balance
(Hint: Enter the compounded amount in the "Principal" box below to calculate the opening balance you need to obtain your goal.)
Base Calculations on a 360-Day Year Base Calculations on a 365-Day Year
Nominal Interest Rate:
Total Number of Days:
Compound on a Daily Basis
Compound on a Weekly Basis
Compound on a Bi-Weekly Basis
Compound on a Semi-Monthly Basis
Compound on a Monthly Basis
Compound on a Quarterly Basis
Compound on a Semi-Annual Basis
Compound on an Annual Basis
Effective Rate of Interest1.50%
Compounded Rate of Return0.41%
Compounded Amount$50,204.37

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