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Estate Services

Every wealth management plan should include estate services. An estate plan that is thoughtfully designed can help reduce tax liability, provide a smooth transition of assets to heirs and charitable organizations and, perhaps most importantly, provide comfort and stability when a family has lost a loved one.

At Lake City Bank, we have helped our customers plan estates and settle them for more than 50 years. That experience makes us well-positioned to design a plan that reflects your wishes to create a lasting legacy for your family and the organizations you care about.

Your estate plan at Lake City Bank will be designed by professionals who are first and foremost skilled at listening so they can understand your intent, goals and individual situation. The plan they design for you will address issues that you prioritize, and recommend the tools, such as specific trust vehicles, that will accomplish your goals. We work with your advisors, such as CPAs and attorneys, to create a plan that addresses all of your needs.

Our Estate Planning Services include:

  • Fact finding
  • Tax management strategies
  • Trust product design and recommendation

Our estate settlement services professionals step in when your loved ones are at their most vulnerable. They are well equipped to provide support, thoughtful advice and service so that your wishes are executed properly and compassionately.

Our Estate Administration Services include:

  • Prepare inventory and valuation of property
  • Identify and locate heirs
  • Satisfy creditors and pay for final expenses
  • Manage property while the estate is settled
  • Prepare state and federal income tax returns
  • Provide unbiased administration that can help manage possible family conflict
  • Counsel heirs on managing their inheritance

Investment products used by the Wealth Advisory Group are not obligations of nor guaranteed by Lake City Bank, are not FDIC insured and may involve risk, including possible loss of principal.

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