Treasury Management

Disbursement Tools

ACH Services

  • Safely and efficiently move money through the Automated Clearing House (ACH)—same day origination available
  • Eliminates the expense and hassle of paper checks and wire transfers
  • Ensures secure and accurate processing of each file received
  • Transmit files easily through Lake City Bank Business Online

Business Online Bill Pay

  • Easily disburse funds without writing checks

Business Online Payroll

  • Easily access payroll records and take fewer trips to the bank
  • Comply with payroll tax — it’s accurate and guaranteed
  • Use our free, downloadable labor law posters for your business to help stay in compliance with government regulations
  • Adjust employee hours and pay rates every pay period
  • Provide free direct deposit and employee access to online pay stubs
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive federal, state and local tax filing service
  • Get unlimited support from U.S.-based payroll experts
  • For more information and a demo, click here

Controlled Disbursement

  • Receive check clearing information the day a check posts to better calculate your daily cash position or take advantage of investment opportunities
  • Checks are drawn on a separate routing and transit number associated with Lake City Bank to give you an early sneak peek
  • Controlled Disbursement intercepts check information before posting and delivers it via Business Online by 12pm EST

Zero Balance Account

  • Lake City Bank’s Zero Balance Account is a stand-alone checking account that is tied to your master account that holds all funds.
  • The Zero Balance Account is maintained at a set balance that you determine.
  • As checks clear the Zero Balance Account, collected funds move from your master account to the Zero Balance Account so that you have peace of mind that your checks will clear.

Drop in one of our branch locations or call our One Call Center at (888) 522-2265, Option 3, then Option 5 for more information or to open an account.

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