Information Regarding COVID-19

Coronavirus Business Cyber Threats

Businesses face some unique cybersecurity challenges during the coronavirus crisis. These include finding a way for employees to work from home efficiently and securely, keeping up with and educating employees about new scam attempts, and staying connected with employees and customers without jeopardizing the safety of business and customer data.

We’ve gathered some resources below to help you keep your business and your employees as cyber safe as possible.

Working from Home Securely

This U.S. Chamber article has some recommendations for what to include in an emergency work from home policy – make sure none are missing from yours!

These articles are great to share with the members of your workforce who are currently working from home. They provide tips and resources to help people work remotely as safely as possible, which is a critical part of maintaining the safety and security of your company and customer data.
Federal Trade Commission – Online security tips for working from home
Malwarebytes – Security tips for working from home (WFH)
Norton – Working remote due to the coronavirus? These 7 tips will help keep your connections secure

For Small Businesses

Small business owners wondering how to handle all the challenges, including online security challenges, brought on by the coronavirus crisis may find this page from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce helpful. It gathers a bunch of small business resources and information in one place and is updated regularly as conditions and government programs change.

A COVID-19 Security Resource Library

Overwhelmed by the amount of information available about COVID-19 online security threats? The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCAS) can help. It has put together a page of the best resources it can find and categorized them to help you find what you’re looking for more easily. This page is a good reference for businesses and employees alike!

Coronavirus Scams and Remote Work Threats

The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCAS) has shared a few basic tips for avoiding coronavirus scams and making sure your company is safe from remote work threats. Check them out here, and share them with your employees.

Free Toolkit about Phishing

Phishing attempts have been on the rise as the coronavirus crisis continues, so now is a great time to educate your workforce about phishing and specific methods hackers and scammers are using. MediaPro has put together a free toolkit for businesses that will help you do exactly that.

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