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No matter where you are on the path to buying a home, Lake City Bank meets you there. So whether you’re a little unsure or starting to warm up to the idea, we can coach you through the steps and into a place that’s just right for you. With Home Possible® and HomeOneSM Mortgages by Freddie Mac, brought to you by Lake City Bank, you may realize your dream of home ownership sooner than you imagined.

What are Home Possible and HomeOne Mortgages?

Home Possible and HomeOne mortgages are designed with first-time buyers in mind. Both mortgages feature low down payments, fixed rates and the ability to use gift funds for your down payment and closing costs. They also allow for a higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratio than traditional mortgages. (Loan-to-value is the ratio of the home’s appraised value or purchase price—whichever is lower and the amount you’re financing).

Is a Home Possible or HomeOne right for you?

Home Possible mortgages are intended for first-time home buyers whose income meets low to moderate requirements. Home Possible also features reduced Private Mortgage Insurance coverage levels for LTV ratios greater than 80%.

HomeOne mortgages are designed for buyers purchasing their first home. HomeOne mortgages have no income or geographic requirements.

Personalized Service

With Home Possible and HomeOne mortgages from Lake City Bank, you have the added benefit of our local mortgage experts who guide you through the process and stay with you even after your loan closes. They are local, so they know your real estate market. For more information on our mortgage experts, visit

For more information, contact one of our mortgage experts, drop in to one of our branch locations, call our One Call Center at (888) 522-2265, or fill out the form below.

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    Lake City Bank opens mortgage loans in our market area only, which includes portions of Northern and Central Indiana. However, Lake City Bank reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy based on the individual situation.
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