Lake City Bank Story

The War Years

World War II posters

As President Roosevelt’s New Deal programs put people to work, the economy slowly began to show signs of life. Even so, it took the immense tragedy of World War II to end the Great Depression once and for all and put America’s economy back on track. The country needed combat equipment and materials to support the troops, which meant it needed people to work in the factories that produced them. As a result, the war effort created millions of new jobs and finally brought the country back to full employment.
Through it all, Lake City Bank grew in capability and reputation. The bank became a member of the Federal Reserve System and then supported the war effort with bonds and ration banking (banking and recording-keeping connected with retailers who sold rationed goods during World War II). By the end of the 1940s, Lake City Bank had sped past its 75th anniversary and continued moving forward.
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