Corporate Social Responsibility

Building and Caring for Our Team

Lake City Bank is committed to being the acknowledged and recognized leader in Indiana Community Banking. We achieve this mission only through the hard work and dedication of our employees. The bank team is 652 people strong, including 610 full-time, 30 part-time, and 12 seasonal/temporary employees as of December 31, 2022

Diversity and Inclusiveness

The bank is committed to social and governance responsibility, and in 2020, the management team added “inclusivity” as the eighth core value defining our organizational culture. The bank’s employee Code of Conduct supports diversity and inclusion efforts in our workplace, and a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is charged with developing and promoting initiatives throughout the corporation.

In 2022, every employee participated in a foundational course to establish a base level of awareness and education on the topic of diversity and inclusion. In 2023, the effort continues with a host of interactive, informative courses being offered to continue the learning process around these important issues. Eighty-four percent of our employees identify as women or people of color. At present, women comprise 59% of the Bank’s officers (267 officers – 158 women), 32% (8 of 25 members) of Senior Leadership Council (which includes those with the title of Senior Vice President and above) and 44% (4 of 9 members) of the executive Management Committee. Additionally, 33% or four out of our 12 board members identify as women or people of color.

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