Corporate Social Responsibility

Building and Caring for Our Team

Lake City Bank is committed to being the acknowledged and recognized leader in Indiana Community Banking. We achieve this mission only through the hard work and dedication of our employees. The Lake City Bank team is 629 people strong, including 573 full-time, 42 part-time, and 14 seasonal/temporary employees as of December 31, 2020.

Lake City Bank is committed to social and governance responsibility, and in 2020, the management team added “inclusivity” as the eighth core value defining our organizational culture. The bank’s employee Code of Conduct supports diversity and inclusion efforts in our workplace, and we established a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force to develop and promote initiatives throughout the corporation. Seventy-five percent of our employees identify as women or people of color. At present, women comprise 58% of the bank’s officers, 33% (9 of 27 members) of Senior Leadership Council (which includes those with the title of Senior Vice President and above) and 44% (4 of 9 members) of the executive Management Committee. Additionally, two of our 13 board members identify as women or people of color.

A positive workplace culture is vital to Lake City Bank’s success. By supporting, respecting, engaging and appreciating employees, Lake City Bank has built a team well-equipped to show the same commitment to its customers. Building and strengthening this positive workplace culture starts with Lake City University. Founded in 1999, Lake City University is dedicated to helping employees thrive professionally and personally. In 2020, Lake City Bank employees averaged 19.64 hours per employee of instruction through the university. From courses to improve technical skills, product knowledge and customer service to classes focused on an employee’s wellbeing, like personal financial planning and benefits education, Lake City University supports and promotes the personal and professional growth of all Lake City Bank employees.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic required that most of Lake City University’s training transition to a virtual environment. That transition proved successful, and while we all look forward to working together in person soon, employee and customer safety has been and must continue to be a top priority. Lake City Bank has been intentional about ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local recommendations related to COVID-19 throughout the pandemic. The bank’s efforts ranged from providing multiple high-quality masks to employees, to implementing limited lobby policies, expanding paid leave options, installing hand sanitizers at entrances, and many other initiatives. While the pandemic has proved challenging, Lake City Bank’s strong culture persists and ensures we do not waiver from our mission.

In addition to the substantial investment in employee professional development, Lake City Bank’s benefit and compensation programs are designed to ensure we recruit and retain top talent. With less than 12% turnover during 2020, we believe those efforts have proven effective. Lake City Bank offers employees a comprehensive health benefits package, provides a 401(k) match of up to 6% of an employee’s salary to encourage retirement savings, and structures its bonus program for officers to create meaningful performance-based incentives. These programs, combined with an intentional focus to create a positive, values-based culture ensures the Lake City Bank team will continue as the acknowledged and recognized leader in Indiana community banking.

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